High Speed Electrode Machining


GraphiteXpress was founded in 2000 to provide excellence in electrode machining using the latest in technology and personal service to local mold builders. Our work mix has changed over the years and although we still provide electrode work, we now provide many other services, such as hardened inserts, aluminum prototypes, P-20 cavities, and more. GraphiteXpress has evolved into a full-service 3D machining operation!

Through referrals and “word of mouth” our customer base has expanded to multiple industries. We now provide services to the automotive, aerospace, medical, consumer goods, and furniture industries from coast to coast.

Unlike many graphite or electrode processing facilities, we’ve opted to remain small to insure outstanding, personal service and excellence to our customers. As an owner/operator with over 30 years experience in all aspects of the mold building industry, Dan Newell, brings decades of expertise to each stage of the job and is 100% accountable and vested in the outcome.

Thru the use of robotics, and other technologies, we are able to oversee the machining 24 hours/day, 365 days/year to provide fast turnaround and short lead-times.

We pride ourselves on building long term relationships with each of our customers, by making sure that they get the BEST quality and service possible. You’ll find our pricing to be very competitive and our service unbeatable.

Contact us for a quote, by email at, or give Dan a call anytime 7 days/week at 616-430-4540 (cell).

See what we do in the video below